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FODB-0416A Fiber Access Terminal Closure

FODB-0416A Fiber Access Terminal Closure

FATM-0416L fiber access termination closure is able to hold up to 16subscribers and 96splicing points as closure. it is used as a splicing closure and a termination point for the feeder cable to connect with drop cable in FTTX network system. It integrates fiber splicing, splitting, distribution, storage and cable connection in one solid protection box.

Specifications of FODB-0416A Fiber Access Terminal Closure

MaterialSizeMax CapacityNos of AdaptorWight
ABS/PCA*B*C(MM)Splice 16 Fibers2pc of 1*8 PLC Splitter16pc of SC1.15kg
287*172*102(1trays, 16fiber/tray)

Characteristics of FODB-0416A Fiber Access Terminal Closure

  • Water-proof design with IP-65 Protection Level.

  • Integrated with flap-up splice cassette and adaptor holder

  • All stainless metal plate and anti-rusting bolts, nuts

  • Fiber bend radius control more than 40mm

  • Suitable for the fusion splicer or mechanical splice

  • 2Pcs of 1*8 Splitter can be installed as an option

  • Mechanical sealing structure and mid-span cable entry.

  • 16 ports cable entrance for drop cable

  • 16 adapter for drop cable patching

Applications Environment of FODB-0416A Fiber Access Terminal Closure

  • Wall mounting and pole mounting installation

  • FTTH pre-installation and filed installation

  • 2*3mm indoor FTTH drop cable and outdoor figure-8FTTH self-supporting drop cable

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