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D033 Optic Fiber Splice Enclosure

D033 Optic Fiber Splice Enclosure

D033 type of Fiber Optic Splice Closure (FOSC) is a member in dome series of op-tical fiber cable splice closures. This model has four small circular cable entry ports plus one big circular port for express (looped) cable. The sealing component is made from silicon. The cables and the closure are sealed in a mechanical way with the help of compacting pressure from the plastic screws (nuts) and the circular plastic hoop. This model is suitable for different methods of branch connection, including branching and splicing of uncut cables. It could be used for aerial, pole-mounting, wall-mounting and underground applications. This model is excellent in sealing performance, easy for in- stallation, wide applications and is prior choice of fiber connection equipment.

Specifications of D033 Optic Fiber Splice Enclosure

External Dimension (mm)450×φ230Max. Capacity144
Weight kg4.2 4.8Sealing typeMechanical
Cable Entrances5 (4 Drop & 1 Express cable)Capacity per Tray24
Suitable cable diameter (mm)Pinholeф5 ф7

express cableф10 ф17

number of Splice trays6

Features of D033 Optic Fiber Splice Enclosure

  • GJS-D033 fiber optic splice closure is a DOME closure,the main functionality is to provide the pass/through, termination and splitting during ODN(optical distribution networks) construction,

  • The IP protection level is IP68. GJS-D033 has 4 round mechanical cable entrance and 1 oval mechanical cable entrance for uncut cable.

  • The curing forming rubber provides an excellent sealing performance against water and dust.

  • The screw-extrusion mechanical seal mechanism facilitate the installation comparing with heat-shrinkable DOME closures.

  • GJS-D033 is suitable for aerial mounting, pole mounting, wall mounting, duct installation, man-hole installation and under-ground installation.

  • GJS-D033 is an ideal solution for fiber optic splice closure.

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