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Fiber Optic Solution for ODN Network

Fiber Optic Solution for ODN Network

ODN Network

In the current FTTH deployment mode, in order to ensure the quality of the network, a large number of fiber fiber measuring work must be carried out in the controlled environment to prevent dust and other pollutants from entering.

As a leading company in the field of light networks, ODN business layout is global. For industry pain points, it summarizes the idea of integrating simple, Efficient, Economical, Excellent Performance, and the evolution of solutions. The  fiber optic solution, using the on-site direct alternative melting, greatly reducing the workload of on-site melting.

ODN Network

Role Of Fiber Optic In ODN Network

FTTH Optical Cable Network

ODN (Optical Distribution Network) optical wiring network is a FTTH optical cable network based on the PON device. Its role is to provide light transmission channels between OLT and ONU.


ODN is a network consisting of all passive optical fibers and passive devices (light separats) between two source devices (OLT devices and ONU devices).

FTTH System

The FTTH system consists of three parts: OLT (optical route terminal), ONU (optical user unit), and ODN (optical distribution network). ODN can be divided into three parts: feed line segment, wiring segment and household segment. The key issues in the FTTH system design are the setting of OLT, optical allocation point and onu. Before designing the ODN network architecture, you must fully consider the target area area The characteristics of the domain and the characteristics of the network routing.

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