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Fiber Optical Splice Closure

Fiber Optical Splice Closure

In the optical cable line, the investment of the optical cable splice box does not exceed 1%, and the line failure rate caused by the splice box can exceed 70%, mainly manifested in the increase of the additional attenuation of the optical fiber in the box and the fiber breakage after the splice box has been in operation for a period of time.

For outdoor optical cable lines, these faults include premature aging of the box body, water seepage, air leakage, and termite damage caused by seal failure due to poor box body material, structural design, and poor connection installation process, as well as splice boxes after operation. The decrease of the bending radius caused by the disorderly change of the coil state of the optical fiber in the box produces a large additional attenuation or the fiber is broken due to the force of the optical fiber.

The optical cable splice box is a closed whole, mainly including the outer shell, the seal, the fiber storage tray and the optical fiber connector. If the outer shell of the splice box has no obvious signs of aging, cracking, etc., it is difficult to detect the above faults directly in time, especially the random and disorderly changes in the status of the optical fiber disk in the box after the splice box is running.

However, a large number of operation practices have shown that even if the design is reasonable, the quality is good, the splicing technology is correct, and the construction and assembly of the splice box is in operation for a period of time, the status of the optical fiber reel will still change more or less, and some of them are serious. , or even a communication failure.

In order to detect such potential hidden dangers that are invisible to the naked eye as soon as possible, the line maintenance unit usually formulates a manual inspection system, and regularly or irregularly opens the joint box for investigation, so as to detect as early as possible and deal with it in time.

Disposal of opening the box includes reorganizing the optical fiber and sometimes re-splicing the optical fiber. After the splice box is opened, the original sealing performance is destroyed, and the sealing element needs to be replaced and repackaged.

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