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External Modulated CATV Optic Transmitter

External Modulated CATV Optic Transmitter

1550nm externally modulated optical transmitter is the core equipment in this system. RFTV is a unidirectional analogue and digital video broadcast. It adopts high efficiency modulation mode for RF carrier wave and its economy, flexibility and bandwidth validity is beyond comparison of IPTV. Adopting EPON or P2P access mode to realize triple-play, FTTx , RFTV broadcasting network in 1550nm optical transmitter wavelength still plays an important role.

Specifications of External Modulated CATV Optic Transmitter

Optical ParametersWavelength      (nm)1550±10
Output power    (dBm)1×3 ~ 2×102x7
2 port with power of 7 dbm each
Optical return loss (dB)≥60
Connector typeSC/APC  Or FC/APCSC/APC
RF parametersbandwidth     (MHz)47~862/100047~1000
Input level   (dBmV)23±5AGC
Flatness      (dB)≤±0.7545~862MHz
Return loss   (dB)≥1645~750MHz
Input inpedance   (Ω)75
Link ParameterschannelsPAL-D/60ch
CNR        (dB)≥5365Km fiber,Receive0dBm
CTB        (dB)≥65
CSO        (dB)≥65
SBS        (dBm)13~19Step 0.1
General ParametersNet  interfaceRJ45,R232
Power       (V)90~265Or -48VDC
Power loss  (W)≤50
Working Temp(℃)0~50Automatically shell temp control
Storage Temp(℃)-20~85
Working relative Temp20%~85%

Features of External Modulated CATV Optic Transmitter

  • Both the external modulator and laser are imported from the United States or Japan.

  • Perfect pre-distortion circuit ensures the best CTB and CSO when the CNR is in high standard.

  • Perfect SBS suppress circuit and adjustable SBS in 13~19,suitable for different types of CATV net.

  • AGC control.

  • Internal double power which can be changed automatically.

  • Automatically shell temperature control.

  • Internal microprocessor software has the function of laser monitoring, parameter display, fault warning, net management and so on. Once the working parameter of the laser goes out of the fixed value of the software, the machine will warn.

  • The transmitter provides RJ45 and RS232 standard interface for the connecting the computer and monitoring.

Application of External Modulated CATV Optic Transmitter

  • Used in middle and small CATV center head end, solve the transmission of trunk and distributive network with high quality and low cost.

  • Used in second-grade service area of sub-station. With excellent P/P ratio, provide second-grade users with high quality and high reliability value added service such as RFTV, IPTV, VOD and so on. It can avoid the limitation on transmission bandwidth and distance as well as system CSO deterioration caused by laser chirp for adopting 1550nm direction modulated optical transmitter.

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