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Design And Innovative Application Of GYXTS Bundle Tube Armored Special Optical Cable Products

Design And Innovative Application Of GYXTS Bundle Tube Armored Special Optical Cable Products



In view of the network development under the current new market background of 5G optical fiber and cable, under the leadership of the new era and the Belt and Road Initiative, our communication guarantee is crucial, especially for the saving of conventional laying methods such as pipelines, direct burial, and overhead. Local backbone and access optical cables have very high requirements for communication transmission. Not only the transmission rate and transmission quality must be considered, but also the mechanical performance requirements in different environments. In response to the development of the market situation, the miniaturization of bundle tube armored optical cables The demand is also gradually increasing, and the control of its process will also become an important research indicator in the production process; this requires optical cable products to continuously break through the existing technical bottlenecks in terms of structure, performance, application, etc., and fully realize ultra-stability under the 5G network Operation and transmission, providing powerful information transmission capabilities and completing the overall planning goal of 5G full commercialization.


Structural design and characteristics of GYXTS tube armored optical cable products

The structural design of the optical cable refers to YD/T 769-2018 "Central Tube Filled Outdoor Optical Cable for Communications", using G652D single-mode optical fiber. The micro-bundle tube is designed with a single tube of 12 cores and an outer diameter of 1.4mm. There is no any fiber in the micro-bundle tube. Filling, the size of the loose tube is designed to be 4.2mm. It adopts a structure of large tubes inside small tubes. Steel wire armor is added to the outside and wrapped with water-blocking tape and steel tape armor. The double armor design is used to improve the product's impact resistance. Strength, the sheathing material uses medium density polyethylene material, the main product design drawings are shown below:



GYTY-8B1.3 product structure design size parameters are detailed in the table below:

Table 1 GYXTS-36B1.3 product structure design size parameters


  1. Structural design features of GYXTS tube armored optical cable products

 (1) The use of micro-bundle tubes instead of direct sheathing of optical fibers can effectively increase the protective effect of optical fibers and improve impact resistance;

(2) The double armor design of steel wire armor and steel belt armor greatly improves the tensile and compressive properties and can effectively solve the problem of rat bites;

(3) The 5-layer protection design is adopted outside the optical fiber, which greatly reduces the risk of stress on the optical fiber;

(4) The structure is designed as a large tube inside a small tube. Compared with the layer-stranded structure with the same number of cores, the structure is smaller and lighter in weight;

(5) The outer protective material uses LSZH, which has certain flame retardant properties.


The current demand in the optical cable market will continue to expand with the development of the 5G market. At the same time, as the demand for pipelines, direct burial, overhead, etc. has been continuously updated and iterated in recent years, the demand for optical communications has also increased. At this time Conventional optical cables cannot meet the optical and mechanical properties in special environments, which puts forward higher requirements for the performance of armored optical cables. They must meet the stability of transmission performance and be able to adapt to various pulling forces in complex environments. In order to ensure that users can use the network with peace of mind, in response to the development of this market environment, we are constantly innovating and improving the performance indicators of armored optical cables, striving to be dually responsible for customers and end users, and provide better products. Help China's 5G communication network.

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