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GYXTW 12 core

GYXTW 12 core

Product Construction of GYXTW 12 core


2-24 fibers

Uni-loose tube gel-filled



Corrugated steel tape


Strength Member:

Embedded steel wire



Black UV-and moisture-resistant polyethylene (PE).

Specifications of GYXTW 12 core

Fiber TypeG.652G.65550/125^m62.5/125^m

Attenuation850 nm

<3.0 dB/km<3.3 dB/km
1300 nm

<1.0 dB/km<1.0 dB/km

1310 nm<0.36 dB/km<0.40 dB/km

1550 nm<0.22 dB/km<0.23 dB/km

Bandwidth850 nm

>500 MHz-km>200 Mhz-km
1300 nm

>500 MHz-km>500 Mhz-km

Numerical Aperture

0.200±0.015 NA0.275±0.015 NA

Cable Cut-off Wavelength cc<1260 nm<1450 nm

  Structure and Technical Specifications 

 Fiber Count Nominal Diameter Nominal Weight Allowable Tensile Load Allowable Crush Resistance

           (mm)        (kg/km)               (N)                  (N/100mm)

Short TermLong TermShort TermLong Term


Features of GYXTW 12 core

  • Uni-tube gel-filled construction for superior fiber protection.

  • CST armorto protect cable from rodentattack and mechanical damage.

  • Embedded steel wire provide desirable tensile strength and crush resistance.

  • Compact, easy to install.

  • UV and moisture-resistantdesign

  • Applications

  • Installed in duct, direct burial.

  • FTTx.

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