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Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Profile

Hangzhou JUNPU Fiber Telecommunication is a professional fiber optical telecom equipment products manufactory since 2008. We are a medium-sized production factory with around 100 workers and 10-25 production lines, equipped with advanced testing instruments and independently developed molds. We provide high-quality products with reasonable cost to all over the world.

The mainly advantaged fiber optic communication equipment are fiber optical terminal box, fiber optical splice closure, FTTH optical drop cable, Fiber Optic Patch Cord, Fiber Optical Splitter and EDFA WDM.

Let us connect the world by fiber!

Company Structure

JUNPU company structure

Company Culture

JUNPU Fiber Optic communication company Enterprise Culture:

  • Honest

    The quotation is in line with the product quality, and the production is in accordance with customer requirements, protect customer privacy.

  • Responsible

    We take every order and product details of our customers seriously. If there is a mistake, we will actively deal with it and will not evade responsibility.

  • Attentive

    Each customer has its own file, which records the customer's purchasing habits and requirements. We take each of our clients seriously.

Junpu Fiber Optic communication company is a fiber optical products factory and facilitator specialized in fiber optic communication products, providing the best fiber optic internet service solutions. Our major products include fiber optic distribution box, fiber optic splice closure, optical cable, EDFA WDM and all kinds of products needed for the network construction are available including fiber optical patch cord, fiber optical splitter and other products.

Social Responsibility

In order to help the optical fiber network issues of the elderly, Hangzhou Junpu Company deliberately provided the optical fiber network connection equipment for a nursing home in the mayor of remote small villages in sheng zhou city, Zhejiang Province. Junpu company provides optical cables, fiber optic distribution box, fiber optic splice closure, EDFA WDM, ftth optical receiver, ONU and etc. When the optical fiber network service is completed, the elderly in the nursing home can connect to the network with smartphones, and their lives become more colorful, not boring.

Junpu Company is a socially responsible company. Every year, we will help the network construction of some nursing homes and network construction in some remote areas. We will continue to work hard to help some places we can help.

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