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JUNPU Provides Durable and Cost-Effectiveness Fiber Optical Communication Products
Our technical team consistently monitors the optical communication industry dynamics, conducting ongoing research and development to offer customers the most comprehensive solutions, ultimately reducing their procurement time and costs. Opting to collaborate with Junpu is a wise decision.
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Solutions of JUNPU Fiber Optic Products
The Fiber Optical Communication Solution is an innovative and sophisticated system engineered for effective and dependable long-range data transfer. It incorporates several elements including fiber optic wires, transmitters and receivers, optical boosters, and multiplexing devices. This system provides rapid data transmission, extensive bandwidth, and minimal delay, making it perfect for telecommunication companies, internet providers, and business networks.
Fiber Optic Solution for ODN Network ODN Network
The Optical Distribution Network (ODN) is a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) optical cable network that operates on PON equipment. Its primary function is to facilitate optical transmission pathways between the OLT and ONU. Functionally, the ODN can be segmented into four components: the feeder optical cable subsystem, the distribution optical cable subsystem, the residential line optical cable subsystem, and the optical fiber terminal subsystem, extending from the central office to the user’s end.
Fiber Optic Solution for Triple Play Network Triple Play Network
Essentially, the “Triple Play Network” represents the convergence of cable television, telecommunications, and computer communication. The objective is to establish a robust and efficient communication network that caters to the demands of societal progression. The integration of these three networks necessitates advanced technological application. In the future, it will enable mobile phones to access television and internet services, televisions to make calls and connect to the internet, and computers to make calls and stream television.
Fiber Optic Solution for Telecommunication Telecommunication Network Solutions
Telecommunication involves the transmission of information across various locations using electronic technology. It encompasses a variety of remote communication techniques, including radio, telegraph, television, telephone, data communication, and computer network communication. Telecommunication serves as a crucial foundation for an information-driven society.
Fiber Optic Solution for Data Center Data Center
An Internet Data Center (IDC) is a comprehensive apparatus that includes high-speed internet access bandwidth, high-performance local area networks, and a secure and reliable server environment, among other features. It is managed by professionals and offers a robust application service platform. IDC service providers utilize this platform to offer customers basic internet platform services such as server hosting, virtual hosting, mail caching, and virtual mail. Additionally, they provide a range of value-added services like rental services, domain name system services, load balancing systems, database systems, and data backup services.
Fiber Optic Solution for FTTH FTTH
Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is a method of optical fiber communication that involves installing an optical network unit (ONU) at the premises of residential or business users. It is a type of optical access application that extends beyond Fiber to the Desktop (FTTD). FTTH’s key technical features include not only the provision of larger bandwidth but also the enhancement of network transparency for data format, rate, wavelength, and protocols. It also reduces the need for specific environmental conditions and power supply, and simplifies maintenance and installation. Passive Optical Network (PON) technology has emerged as a focal point for global broadband operators and is viewed as one of the most effective technical solutions for implementing FTTH.
Hangzhou Junpu Optoelectronic Equipment Co.,Ltd Hangzhou Junpu Optoelectronic Equipment Co.,Ltd
JUNPU-Leading Fiber Optical Products and Accessories Supplier
Junpu Fiber Optic Co.,Ltd. is a fiber optical products factory and facilitator specialized in fiber optic communication products, providing the best products solutions. Our products range from the bas...

Junpu Fiber Optic Co.,Ltd. is a fiber optical products factory and facilitator specialized in fiber optic communication products, providing the best products solutions. Our products range from the basic components to end products, including passive and active categories. Our major products include optical cable, fiber optical box, fiber optical closure, EDFA WDM and all kinds of products needed for the network construction are available including fiber optical patch cord, fiber optical splitter and other products.

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