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Fiber Optic Solution for FTTH

Fiber Optic Solution for FTTH


Optical fiber household (FTTP), also known as fiber-to-house (FTTH), refers to a broadband telecommunications system. It is based on optical cables and adopts multiple high-end services such as telephone triple playback, broadband Internet, and television to households or enterprises. Optical fiber communication is widely used as information transmission media with its unique anti-interference, light weight, and large capacity. Integrating fiber optical solution into FTTP enhances its performance, making it the most economical and effective choice for utilizing existing transmission lines.


Role Of FTTH Network

Transmission Speed of Optical Fibers

The transmission speed of optical fibers has absolute advantages in response speed in the network. The optical fiber Internet FTTH and ordinary broadband Internet ADSL are two different Internet methods. The biggest difference between the two is that the transmission medium is different. The optical fiber Internet access is transmitted by the optical signal, and the ordinary broadband Internet access is the transmission of weak electricity signals. Therefore, the response speed of the optical fiber Internet will be much faster than that of ordinary broad band Internet access.

Transmission Medium

Due to the influence of the transmission medium, the theory of the highest bandwidth value of ordinary broadband ADSL is around 8M. The maximum bandwidth value of optical fiber broadband can be very high, and the 100M used in households is now popular. The enterprise type is 1000m or higher.

Optical Fiber Internet

Optical fiber Internet is dual-channel and ordinary broadband is one-way. Usually we involve two aspects of two broadband during the Internet, upward and network downward. If you use ordinary broadband (ADSL) when uploading files, it will also be affected. This is the one-way decision of ordinary broadband (ADSL). The advantage of the optical fiber Internet (dedicated line access) is that when you upload or download, the other party will not be affected. Of course, when the bandwidth is 1M-2M, the advantages of optical fiber and ordinary ADSL broadband are not obvious. When the bandwidth is increased to 4M or higher, the advantages of fast fiber speed can be clearly reflected.

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