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Fiber Drop Cable Patch Cord

Fiber Drop Cable Patch Cord

FTTH fiber patch cord SM G657A1 anti bending 10M 30M 50M 100M LSZH.

2.0x5.0mm/ 2.0x3.0mm FTTH drop cable, 2 pcs FRP, blue colored fiber inside, LSZH jacket, assembled with SC / LC / FC / ST connectors.

Specifications of Fiber Drop Cable Patch Cord

Cable structure
Strength memberphosphated steel wire, 1.0mm±0.05mm
Fiber TypeG.657A1
Cable sheath
FormBow-type Drop Cable
External colorBlack
Fiber sleeve
Diameter250 um
StructureColor coated fiber
ColorBlue/Blue Green

- Supplier identification:junpu/customized
- Cable standard regarding ITU standard: SM G.657A1 1F XXXXMeter
- Manufacturing batch identification

Features of Fiber Drop Cable Patch Cord

  • The connectors are comply with IEC, Telcordia-GR-326-Core standards;

  • Different size & color boot option;

  • Low insertion loss; High return loss;

  • 100% interferometer measurement;

  • Typical IL≤0.20dB;

  • Max IL≤0.25dB;

  • RL SM≥50dB, AP C≥60dB, MM≥20dB.

  • Durability(500mating time): IL≤0.25dB.

Application of Fiber Drop Cable Patch Cord

  • Telecommunication networks;

  • Local area networks; CATV;

  • Active device termination;

  • Data center system networks.

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