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Fiber Optic Solution for Data Center

Fiber Optic Solution for Data Center

Data Center

Infrastructure that meets the needs of website system hosting outsourcing services, this facility includes stable and reliable broadband Internet access and safe and reliable telecommunications-level computer room environment, supplemented by advanced fiber optical solution for enhanced data transmission and connectivity.

With high-quality value-added service functions, including system maintenance (such as system configuration, software installation, data backup, fault exclusion, etc.); management services (such as bandwidth management, traffic analysis, invasion detection, system vulnerability diagnosis, data backup, load balancing, CACHE services, etc.); support services (such as technical support hotline, etc.); integrated services (such as providing data centers, integrated communication and IT professional services. Service, etc.), etc.

Data Center

Role Of Data Center Network

Four Major Characteristics

Yang Yougui, a senior vice president of Huawei and CEO of the Energy Corps of the Data Center, concluded that there are four major characteristics of the next generation of data centers, namely low-carbon co-life, minimalist fusion, autonomous driving, and safe and reliable.

Era of Intelligence

In the era of intelligence, changes in data traffic will bring high secrets and large-scale development requirements for data centers. At the same time, in the low-carbon era, data centers should pay more attention to resource use and resource recovery.

Data Center

Safety and reliability are the biggest demands of the data center and the foundation of everything. "On the one hand, through artificial intelligence, from passive security management to active safety management, from the management of the incident to advanced management. On the other hand, the structure is fully modular and the security defense line is fully constructed."

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