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IP-9 MPO Optical Connection Solution

IP-9 MPO Optical Connection Solution

Telefonica Brazil uses IP-9 MPO multi-core fiber optic connectors to build a more flexible and faster deployment next-generation FTTX network.

IP-9 MPO Optical Connection

This unique solution greatly simplifies the deployment of wired and wireless access networks, providing high-speed broadband for home, office, and mobile users. According to Telefonica, prefabricated networks not only provide end-to-end passive connection solutions three times faster than traditional methods, but also allow operators to expand deployment on a "pay per use" basis.

Nowadays, multi-core optical fibers are crucial for the rapid growth of FTTH and serve as the foundation for the deployment of national level 5G networks.

Daniel Vagner, application engineer of Telefonica Brazil, said: "In some FTTH networks, mainly from the computer room to the last mile, we have greatly accelerated the service growth and expansion speed by using the SENKO IP-9 MPO solution."

The IP-9 MPO is the most compact outdoor durable connector, designed to meet the 100 pound pull required by GR-3120 and 3152 standards. This connector has only one external size and can accommodate multiple configurations, including 1-core fiber, 2-core fiber, and multi-core MPO technology, helping network architects design more efficient fiber optic networks.

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