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Google Announces Accelerated Expansion Of Fiber Optic Network

Google Announces Accelerated Expansion Of Fiber Optic Network

ICC news: After suspending network expansion and reducing some initial commitments in 2016, Google optical fiber pressed the "play" button again.

Following the establishment of optical fiber networks in West Des Moines and Des Moines, Iowa, and more recently in mesa, Arizona, Google fiber now looks to cities in several Midwest states.

Dinni Jain, CEO of Google optical fiber, promised in his blog: "if you have been paying attention to Google optical fiber, you will know that we are busy recently... And the business of Google optical fiber will be more busy."

Jain was an executive of cable TV operators such as Time Warner TV and insight communications. He said that in recent months, Google fiber has been holding talks with city leaders in Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada and Idaho, with the goal of bringing the fiber-optic home service of Google fiber to their communities.

Jain did not identify which cities are being explored or propose any specific timetable, but pointed out that these States will become the main focus of their growth in the next few years, and they will continue to expand in the current metropolitan areas. Jain added that Google fiber will share more details about the new city and "faster speed" in the coming months.

The current high-end service of Google fiber provides 2GBIT / s downlink and 1GBIT / s uplink, with a price of $100 per month. Google fiber has almost eliminated its own IPTV management service, but has promoted several virtual multi-channel video program distribution (vmvpd) services, including DirecTV stream, fubotv, sling TV and Google's own YouTube TV.

Jain also opened the door to communities interested in building their own fiber-optic networks, pointing out that Google fiber has established a municipal centered model in Huntsville, Alabama and West Des Moines. Jain wrote: "we will continue to find ways to support similar efforts." Jain has been in charge of Google's access business since 2018.

The following is the network and service deployment of Google fiber using FTTP or its fixed wireless platform webpass:

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