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JP10RW Passive Optical Receiver

JP10RW Passive Optical Receiver

The JP10RW is a passive optical receiver with high sensitivity. It is capable of receiving signals transmitted through optical fibers and converting them into electrical signals. It is suitable for data centers and fiber optic communication networks.

Specifications of JP10RW

Number ItemUnitDescriptionRemark
Customer Interface
1RF Connector
75Ω"F" connectorUnited standard
2Optical Input Connector

Optical Output Connector
3DC Supply
DC Adapter
Optical Parameter
4Optical Input PowerdBm-20 ~ +2
5Optical Return LossdB15(Min), 45(Type)
6Operating Wavelength(Rx)nm1100 - 1600

Insertion LossdB0.4(Type), 0.6(Max)

Pass Wavelengthnm1310/1490

8Optical Fiber Type
SM 9/125um SM Fiber
RF Parameter
9Frequency RangeMHz40 ~1002
10Band FlatnessdB<±1
12Output Level(@AGC )dBuV83Customizable Max output to 104dBuV

Optical AGC RangedBm-13 ~ -2

RF Gain RangedB22
13Output ImpedanceOhms75

Features of JP10RW

  • Analog TV & Digital TV  FTTX  O-E converter applications.

  • High linearity, low distortion and wide optical power AGC range(-13dBm to -2dBm).

  • Wide operating optical input range of 2 to -20dBm at 1100 to 1600nm.

  • Optional optical power input -2 to 1dBm for RF output performance.

  • -13 to -2dBm Optical Input RF output: +83dBuV per channel at 3.5% OMI (22dBmV modulation input).

    Full frequency range 40-1002MHz with CATV Small flexible installation and Power supply on the line.

  • Model TX1000AF Series provides 40-1002MHz bandwidth, Excellent low-light amplifier and gain adjustment unit, industrial 8-bit control unit , convenient interface and application for terminal customers.

TX1000AW with WDM Series' optical input contains downstream forward path CATV Analog and Digital signals at 1550nm, downstream Ethernet data at 1490nm and upstream Ethernet data at 1310nm. The optical output passes the 1310nm and 1490nm signals. The 1550nm wavelength goes to a photodiode and is amplified.

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