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JP10RW-1 Passive Optical Receiver

JP10RW-1 Passive Optical Receiver

JP-1000W CATV converter for digital television, fiber to the home. This machine adopts the high sensitivity optical receiving tube, without power supply, no power consumption. When the input optical power output level Pin=-1dBm, Vo=68dBuV, economic, flexible application integration, application of fiber to the home network.

There are five kinds of model selection:

JP-1000W: Built-in CWDM, suitable for single-fiber triple wavelength system, CATV operating

Wavelength 1550nm, pass wavelength 1310/1490nm, can conveniently connect the ONU of EPON, GPON.

Specifications of JP10RW-1 Passive Optical Receiver

CATV Work wavelength(nm)1540~1563JP-1000W
Pass wavelength(nm)1310~1490JP-1000W
Channel Isolation(dB)≥401550nm&1490nm

Receiving power(dBm)+2~-14
Optical return loss(dB)≥55
Optical fiber connector

Work bandwidth(MHz)45~1050MHz
Output level(dBμV)>68Digital TV (Pin=-1dBm)
Return loss(dB)≥1447~862MHz
Output impedance(Ω)75
Output port number
RF tie-in


Features of JP10RW-1 Passive Optical Receiver

  • No Power required

  • Work bandwidth 45~1050MHz

  • Output Level=68dBμV (Pin=-1dBm)

Application of JP10RW-1 Passive Optical Receiver


  • Integration of three networks

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