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SCAPC Mini Steel Tube PLC Splitter

SCAPC Mini Steel Tube PLC Splitter

A fiber optic splitter is a passive optical device that can split or separate an incident light beam into two or more light beams.These beams may or may not have the same optical power as the original beam, based on the configuration of the splitter. By means of construction, the outputs of a optical splitter can have varying degrees of throughput, which is highly beneficial when designing optical networks, whether the optical splitter is used for network monitoring or for a loss budget in a passive optical network (PON) architecture. Generally, there are two types of fiber optic splitters, which are FBT splitters and PLC splitters.

Specifications of SCAPC Mini Steel Tube PLC Splitter

Wave lenght (nm)
Insertion loss without connectors (dB)Max4,07,410,713,716,921,0
Insertion loss with connectors (dB)Max4,57,711,214,217,521,5
Uniformity without connectors (dB) (Loss uniformity)Max0,60,60,81,21,72,5
Uniformity with connectors (dB) (Loss uniformity)Max0,60,81,01,41,72,5
PDL (dB) (Polarization Dependent Loss )Max0,20,30,30,30,30,4
Return Loss (dB)Min55
Directivity (dB)Min60
Working temperature (ºC) and storage temperature (ºC)Minod -40 do +75
Type of fiber according to
ITU-T G652.D i ITU-T G657.A
Fibre lenght (m )
If used connectors of type
SC/APC, SC UPC or   without connector

Features of SCAPC Mini Steel Tube PLC Splitter

  • With Connector

  • Low Insertion Loss And Low Pdl

  • Uniform Power Splitting

  • High Reliability

  • Excellent Environmental Stability

  • Compact Size And Various Package

Application of SCAPC Mini Steel Tube PLC Splitter

  • FTTx Systems

  • Digital, hybrid and AM-Video systems

  • LAN,WAN and Metro Networks

  • CATV systems

  • Other applications in fiber optic systems

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