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JPX86RF Active Optical Receiver

JPX86RF Active Optical Receiver

JPX86RF, the operating bandwidth of 47~1000MHz, is a low power, high performance, cost-effective triple play, FTTH CATV optical receiver, Whether used in analog television or digital television. Products with high sensitivity optical receiver tube and special low noise matching circuit. Receiving at high optical power can be adjusted by PAD level, played limiting output, so SR2020AW within a large dynamic range of the received optical power of +2 dBm ~-21dBm, have excellent characteristics.

Triple play, fiber to the home, using the JPX86RF can save a lot of optical fiber amplifier power resources. For operators, it can greatly reduce the cost of building the network.

Specifications of JPX86RF Active Optical Receiver

NoDescriptionvalueUnitConditions / Notes
1Wavelength1100~1600nm1550nm with filter
2Optical Power Input Range-20~-1dBmRecommend -18 to -1
3Optical Input Return Loss≥45dB
5Flatness±0.75dB47~1000MHz,At 25 ℃
6Slope0~1.0dB47~1000MHz,At 25 ℃
7Temperature Stability±1.0dBIn the operating tem range (-25 ~ +65 ℃)
8Output Level70±2dBuV-15dBm input optical power, per channel modulation  4.0%, in the 860MHz point test, at 25 ℃
10Return Loss(47~1000MHz)≥14dBAt 25 ℃
11MER≥34dB-15~-4dBm input optical power
12Power< 0.8W
13Operating Temperature-25~65
14Storage Temperature-40~70
15Storage Humidity≤95Non- condensation
16Optical Connector TypeSC/APC
FC/ST Optional
17Power interfaceDC5V/0.5A
External adapter
18RF Output ConnectorF connector
2 out optional

Features of JPX86RF Active Optical Receiver

  • Extra-low noise(3.8% modulate, -10dBm receive, CNR ≥ 45.3dB).

  • Wide dynamic receiving optical power range: within Pin=-16, MER≥36.1dB.

  • Applicable GPON, EPON, compatible with any FTTx PON technology.

  • Can save a large number of optical power resource, greatly reduce the network.

  • configuration cost.

  • Within 47~1000MHz bandwidth, all with excellent flatness feature ( FL≤±0.75dB ).

  • Metal case, offer a safeguard for optoelectronic sensitive devices.

  • High output level, can be used by many users.

  • Low power consumption, high performance, high cost performance.

Application of JPX86RF Active Optical Receiver


  • Integration of three network


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