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CEOD-001-128F Optic Fiber Splice Enclosure

CEOD-001-128F Optic Fiber Splice Enclosure

The 128F Splice closure box is a universal access junction box that allows the continuity and segregation of large capacity optical cables used in the deployment of optical power and transport networks.

The design of the box allows the mechanical continuity of the tensile elements of the cables and protects the fibers, the unions and the optical devices facilitating the organization of the splices and the storage of the fiber excess.

The box is airtight and resistant to outdoor conditions so it can be installed both outside and inside buildings in log houses, manholes, walls or cable galleries.

Specifications of CEOD-001-128F Optic Fiber Splice Enclosure

Splice tray8pcs, each tray 32core
Max Capacity128F, 256core
ColorGrey RAL 7035
Working Temperature-25°C - 70°C (5 to 95% relative humidity)

Features of CEOD-001-128F Optic Fiber Splice Enclosure

  • A very compact, multifunctional, and highly reliable design.

  • The installation of the box is very simple and fast, making it convenient for network operation and maintenance.

  • It occupies very little space, so it can be placed in locations, facades, or records with very limited available space, or in situations where it is necessary to minimize visual impact.

  • The box can be directly installed on the holder or cable bracket of the overhead line (Messenger) using the bracket attachment connected to Messenger (provided on demand).

  • 4 online cable inputs/outputs (dual inputs). The sealing of the cable entering the box is done through a rubber joint with a pre cut inlet.

  • The diameter of the input/output cable ranges from Å 19 to Å 7 mm. A maximum of 128 F.O.'s can be merged.

  • The cable entry has different configurations.

  • The sealing cap is 180 degrees downwards, no installation required.

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