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Preformed Guy Dead Grip End

Preformed Guy Dead Grip End

adss fiber optic cable preformed guy dead grip end
  • Preformed Tension Dead-end is used in the installation of the exposed conductor used in electric network transmission and distribution and overhead insulated conductor.

  • The reliability and economic advantage is better than the present bolt type and hydraulic compression type Tension Dead-end which now is being widely in the line.

  • The structure of the Preformed Tension Dead-end is simple , and the pipe structure formed by the two legs of the preformed line would enlace the conductor naturely and would produce a great holding strength.

  • The novel structure and exact design all contribute to the reliability of the conductor tension set.

  • The set is usually made of concentric-lay-stranded Aluminium-clad steel conductors, galvanized iron wire strands and other materials.

Specifications of Preformed Guy Dead Grip End

TypeDia.of   Cable(mm)Reference   Span(m)
JUNPU 020/09508.6-9.5100-200
JUNPU 020/10509.6-10.5100-200
JUNPU 020/115010.6-11.5100-200
JUNPU 020/125011.6-12.5100-200
JUNPU 020/135012.6-13.5100-200
JUNPU 020/145013.6-14.5100-200
JUNPU 030/10509.6-10.5200-300
JUNPU 030/115010.6-11.5200-300
JUNPU 030/125011.6-12.5200-300
JUNPU 030/135012.6-13.5200-300
JUNPU 030/145013.6-14.5200-300
JUNPU 040/115010.6-11.5300-400
JUNPU 040/125011.6-12.5300-400
JUNPU 040/135012.6-13.5300-400
JUNPU 100/155014.6-15.51000
JUNPU 100/165015.6-16.51000
JUNPU 100/175016.6-17.51000
JUNPU 100/185017.6-18.51000

Advantages of Preformed Guy Dead Grip End

  1. Better reliability and economic .

  2. Simple Structure and easy Installation

  3. Great holding strength

  4. Protect the Cable and Conductor

Tension Dead End of Preformed Guy Dead Grip End

  1. Tension Dead End For ADSS (Short Span - Mid Span -Long Span )

  2. Tension Dead End For OPGW

  3. Tension Dead End For Conductor

The tension is mainly used for ADSS installation between

Strain tower/pole,

Corner tower/pole,

Mid-joint tower/pole ,

Terminal tower/pole

Material of Preformed Guy Dead Grip End

  1. Galvanized Steel

  2. Aluminum Clad Steel

  3. Aluminum Alloy

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